Tom Rudge

Tom Rudge - UX / UI DevOps


About Me - Web Evangelist

I specialise in UX / UI & managing development operations: HTML5, CSS3, Responsive and adaptive frameworks, I'm also a stickler for standards such as W3C Standards and accessibility. I write clean, standards-based semantic markup, and dedicated to scrum and code optimisations to deliver exceptional product.

Experienced in managing a development team and capable of delivering scrum using agile principles. Owner of many different projects such as e-Commerce, product, customer focused and most recently SaaS projects. Leading a team on SaaS mobile applications (CI/CD) at the same time working closely with QA and test teams to review process (TDD).

I'm based in Dorridge at the heart of the West Midlands, I can easily commute to all areas of the surrounding counties and other regions.

Freelance Projects


An entertainment group wanted to expand their portfolio by introducing a photobooth business. The website needed a brand, logo and transactional functionality to place a deposit or pay for hire.


My client needed a web presence to push customers to book online or see the menus before hand. Brand and logo was already establish but the site reinforces the brand and gives them much needed SEO and web presence.


New business startup that required logo, business card, social media and branding. The purpose of the site is to redirect clients to book DJ's and events.



Covox was ready to expand their business and needed a point of reference online to market the product. The site was built on Wordpress as they want to blog in the near future. I worked very closely to the company directors.


The marketing team needed a quick solution to getting this website live. I setup the hosting rather than add it to the companies servers and used AngularJS to act as the database.


Jack is a new author who needed a point of reference for his latest novel. He needed a site to advertise and point users to his book on Amazon. Also the site is used to blog and publish short stories. I also helped Jack in getting his book published on Amazon.


Exciting start up business in a niche market. My client has expertise in which they need to market. The project was from ground up meaning everything from the logo, website to business cards was created.



Another exciting start up in a niche market. My client was expanding part of the business and needed a new site and brand to showcase what they do to thier important big game clients.


Client required a professional looking site but modern. The latest chunks of functionality used to produce a site that will grow in time. Brand, logo and content created for client. Users will be engaging with the site in time this has been built in ready.


Simple site required by my client to promote an energy comparison business and capture client data.


2014 has been an exciting year for me, releasing in November was the pinnacle of my career. Creating the first “Redaptive” website, I’m the very proud founder of the term and concept! Lessons learnt from previous projects, everything was thrown into this launch to improve pretty much everything - Speed, HTML5 validation, SEO etc...


My 2nd project at Attraction World, this was deployed within 5 weeks as it isn't a public facing website. However, it had challenges of its own as the requirements meant it needed to be responsive but at the same time cater for IE7 users.


My first project for Attraction World. The site needed to be build from the ground up deploying it responsively. Working with the back end developers on a new .NET solution and ideology this had its challenges that set up future projects. I brought with me a new method of working and consistency with a framework that was much needed in the organisation.



The purpose of this site was to promote a new start up and sell the products through the website. Everything was setup from the domain purchase to hosting and design. A lot of the branding was determined throughout the project.


Originally Lego Factory, but due to infringements with the Lego Group Plc, my affiliate site was re-branded as Block Factory. Going from strength to strength, only launched in 2014 the site has generated over £10K in sales (Dec 2014). This demonstrates my entrepreneurial and other web skills which I possess.


Another affiliate site following on from Trying to establish a "Factory" brand in the affiliate market. The margin is a lot bigger for Tablet sales however there is more competition and not as niche.


Other Projects

The site was relaunched onto Wordpress or our CMS and rebuilt using PHP. Bootstrap was used as the framework making it the first responsive website. Huge content migration and rewrite was also developers responsibility due to limited resource.


Heritage & Culture Warwickshire

As part of the content migration, we identified that the "arts" service was scattered about the old site. We created this umbrella website for them to house and display the different areas of arts & culture in Warwickshire.

See Warwickshire's Heritage & Culture site Freelance

The client wanted to promote his removal company to maximise his business. The website itself is not the prettiest, however its conversion for the removal company has been extraordinary.

See Freelance

Start-up occupational therapy company in the Wes Midlands. They needed a brand, exposure and SEO to attract clients.


A little insight into the day to day...

A few snaps over the years - work, play and rest

Work Experience

UX/UI Developer - (June 2016 - Present)

Implementing UI and UX improvements to old web infrastructure. With extremely bespoke software configurations for our sensitive clients poses great difficulty. Working extensively on developing the company mobile app available in app stores for enabled clients to download.

Front End Web Developer - (Feb 2016 - June 2016)

Working on a number of projects across the residential side of the business. Picking up FE BAU requests and assisting with the implementation on a new company CMS and FE environment.

FE & UX Manager - (Jan 2016 - Feb 2016)

Responsible for the design, layout, coding of the company’s websites. Making sure we achieve the highest conversions whilst ensuring the best user experience for our customers.

Snr Front End Web Developer - (May 2013 - Dec 2015)

Responsible for the design, layout, coding of the company’s websites. Leading on a number of projects initially around responsive website design, build and deployment.

Web Developer / Director - Hazibo Web Designs (Aug 2010 - Present) Freelance

I’m a freelance web developer and designer that helps individuals and small businesses with online solutions, and front end requirements. Hazibo Web Designs was thought of in 2010 as a concept but fully established itself in 2011.


E Services Officer - Warwickshire County Council (Aug 2009 - May 2013)

I advised on and implemented new front end developments to ensure customers have a smooth experience when visiting the sites. I worked with service teams about how to plan, market and create good online content. Became an expert in joining up information from different service areas that provided customers with clear and consistent online content. I was responsible and lead for content, standards, guidelines, accessibility, usability, navigation and structure. Ensured any designs and developments complied with my in-house style and editorial policies.

Intranet Officer - Warwickshire County Council (Aug 2008 - Aug 2009)

Responsible for the organisations Intranet and internal content / communications. Worked on a huge content migration to Microsoft Sharepoint.

Football DBA - CodeMasters (2003 - 2005)

Two summer term positions with the top gaming company. My role was to research up to date football information to include in the latest release of the computer game LMA Manager.